Remy Stroomer is born on October 9th, 1979 in Haarlem (The Netherlands). At the age of nine, he starts to take keyboard-lessons and around the same time, he creates his first compositions. With expanding his skills on keyboards, he attempts on performing on stage for the first time in 1994. First as a solo-performer, but from halfway the nineties also with other bands and musicians and playing music in many different areas, such as electronics, jazz, rock and symphonic/progressive rock. In April 1996 he conducts his composition 'Evolution', written occasionally for the opening of the new part of the Mendel College in Haarlem, in front of nine musicians. One year later, he scores the music for the play 'Faust 2000', which is being performed by students of the high school that Remy attends. This year also marks the release of a first demo cdr, containing a compilation of selected tracks that he has recorded so far. During the MEM-Event on November 13, 1998, Remy performs a solo-live performance featuring material of "Exhibition of Dreams", his first full album 'in progress'.

While he graduates from high school in 1999, Remy starts his study Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (The Netherlands). At that time he intents to learn from the educated visions on music in a way to integrate and apply this into his own music, but later one he realizes that a lot of things that are being taught there, struggle a lot with the ideas and thoughts that he has about making music. After having completed his second year there, he decides to quit his study and chooses to keep on making music in his own comfortable way. He likes to do his own thing, exposing his own dreams, feelings, thoughts and experiences to the listener of his music. Besides all kind of music Remy has listened so far - varying from classical to hard rock- it also becomes clear that he is also a devotee of the music of Klaus Schulze. Although Remy tries to let hear his own things and following his own intuition into his own musical journey, Schulze is mostly mentioned in reviews of Remy's work as a comparison. But, surprisingly, Remy already started to make Schulze-like tracks before he has ever took notice of this musical style!

Phazz live @ Mendel Talenten Show, Mendel College, Haarlem, 1999.

At the end of 1999, Remy's first album "Exhibition of Dreams" is released as a double-cdr on AKH Records, the label he owns together with Ewout Koek. The album contains tracks that have been recorded over the previous two years. It doesn't take long before all copies are sold and when one comes in the hands of Dutch mail-order and electronic music label Groove Unlimited, it is decided that a new album will be released nearly a year later after Remy's debut and as a cooperation of AKH and Groove Unlimited. On September 10th, 2000, his first official cd "The Art of Imagination" sees the light of day and is more successful than expected. With this album, Remy wins the third price in the category 'Best Newcomer Electronic Music' at the 2001-edition of the well-acclaimed German Schwingungen-Festival (hosted by Winfred Trenkler).

Remy receives his 'Schwingungen Urkunde' from Winfried Trenkler, 2001.

Remy starts working on new material in 2001, this time preparing two separate albums. "DisConnected" and "Connected" are released on AKH on September 27th, 2003, on which he explores his music style even further, using several analogue synthesizers and his trusty Atari ST sequencer. Both albums gain a lot of attention from both listeners as critics. The follow-up, "Different Shades of Dust" gets its release on October 9th, 2004 and coincides with three performances at the annual E-live Festival in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). The three tracks on this album represents his view on several aspects of life. While moving to another home, Remy builds a new studio in 2005 in IJmuiden, near the Dutch coast and prepares new material in a new surrounding. While recording his new album, his performs in early 2006 at the Pelibar in Leiden (The Netherlands) and at the ()Toon) Festival at the Patronaat in Haarlem (The Netherlands). Much of his new album is premiered at these performances. One part of the Pelibar gig becomes part of the track "Destination" on his new album "Sense", which is released on May 12th, 2006. The musical style on this album is much more introspective and experimental and features some vocals by Mattie (from Todd the Nose). In 2007, Remy appears at the 8th edition of the Langweiligkeit Festival in The Hague (The Netherlands) on July 27th and gives an unique performance on November 10th at the Great Church (Grote of St. Bavokerk) in Haarlem (The Netherlands), for which he prepares a piece intended as a cooperation with the Symphonic Wind Ensemble of Haarlem. Due to circumstances he performs on his own at the last moment.

The next record, "This Is Not The End", again an AKH Records release, is being released on April 13th 2008, and this same day Remy performs at the E-Day Festival in Eindhoven, as support act of Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese.
After a gig in the Grugapark in Essen (Germany) Remy prepares for another performance in the Grote of St. Bavokerk in Haarlem, where his new, specially for this occasion composed, piece "The Traveller" (with collaborations of cello players Rachel Mulder and Jasmijn Overbeek) is being performed. This piece can be described as a mix of electronic and modern classical music.

After the Grote of St.Bavokerk concert, November 15th, 2008. With cello players Rachel Mulder and Jasmijn Overbeek.

On January 1st 2009, Remy starts recording the tenth anniversary release of his debut album. The cd "EoD" contains new recordings of tracks from the original double-cd. The original album is released in early 2010 in a remastered version. Shortly after the release of "EoD" Remy makes plans for his third subsequent performance at the Grote of St. Bavokerk in Haarlem, but his son Ilya is born on the night before the gig and Remy does not perform. Listeners are treated with a listening session of "EoD" and a second set featuring new tracks that he records the week before the actual date.

In early 2010 the remastered "Exhibition of Dreams" is released to wide critical acclaim -just as "EoD" and Remy's gig at the 'Schwingungen Garten Party' in Hamm (Germany) in July is centred around both releases. New material is featured in his gig at the Ricochet Gathering in Berlin in October, followed by his annual Grote of St. Bavokerk-gig, where he performs "Sinfonia Senza Percussione". At last, this work is augmented with a live-performance of "EoD".
During late 2010, Remy works on 'lone tracks', such as "Ascending and Descending" for the "Dutch Masters"-cd (due for release in early 2011 on Groove Unlimited). This piece is inspired by a litho made by M.C. Escher.

A new studio-cd is being recorded in early 2011, to coincide with his performance at the E-day Festival in Oirschot (The Netherlands) on April 16th and is released as "i-Dentity" on the same day. The cd marks the entrance of Remy's new label "Deserted Island Music". Later that year, this label sees a compilation released of his four 'Grote Kerk'-concerts as "The Great Church Trilogy".

Live @ E-Day Festival, Oirschot, April 16th, 2011

During the first part of 2012 Remy is busy making preparations for a concert on May 19th at the Grote of St. Bavokerk in Haarlem, featuring Ron Boots, Eric and Harold van der Heijden, plus two violists, a celloplayer and a choir. Together with Eric van der Heijden he plays the monumental C. Müller church organ. From this "Return of Planet X"-concert, a dvd will be released in 2013.

"Return of Planet X", live @ Grote of St.Bavokerk, May 19th, 2012.

Other gigs are held in Oirschot and Burton-On-Trent during the Awakenings-festival, for which Remy performs new material accompanied by visuals.
In August, Remy performs a session with physical disabled children of the My Breath My Music foundation.

Remy with members of the My Breath My Music foundation.

Another highlight happens on September 15th, when Remy performs at the Bochum Planetarium. Apart from an solo ambient-set, he collaborates with Moonbooter (Bernd Scholl) on stage. Meanwhile in his studio, Remy works on "Planet of the Arps", a long ambient-composition that will be tweeked and finalized by a well known artist from the modern electronic music scene. More ambient is heard in October and November during two gigs in his hometown Haarlem during the "Halloween at the Slaughterhouse" and "Visfest"-festivals.

Live @ Visfest, Vishal, Haarlem, December 14th, 2012.

In 2012 Remy has been nominated twice during the Schallwelle Preisverleihung: "Best Act international 2012" and "Best Album International 2012", with a top 10-mark for "i-Dentity" and a top 3-mark for "The Great Church Trilogy".

On January 1st, 2013 Remy decides to quit AKH Records, due to differences in future decisions between him and co-owner Ewout Koek.
In between the activities in recent years Remy works off and on with colleague Michel van Osenbruggen ( on a duo project. Both meet during the E-live festival in 2007 and start to exchange musical ideas. These seem to be fruitful enough, as Remy and Michel decide in the Summer of 2011 to work together on an album. With the occasional breaks both work in their own studios on the songs and finally "PrimiTiveS" is released by Groove Unlimited on April 6th, 2013 during the E-Day festival in Oirschot.

Recording sessions with (Michel van Osenbruggen) @ Apollo Studio.

The session Remy did with members of the My Breath My Music foundation is being released on June 3rd. It's the third release on Remy's Deserted Island Music. October 19th, Remy and members of My Breath My Music perform this special project live on stage at the E-Live festival in Oirschot.

Biography by Wouter Bessels

Photos by Albert Laanbroek, André Stooker, Marina van Osenbruggen and Paul Oomen.
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