Remy's "Exhibition of Dreams" studio is focussed on electronic music production.

Here you can get some impressions of the current studio setup.

Rack: Roland R8, minidisc, CD-writer, CD player, MC.
Desk rack: DBX Quantum, Lexicon MPX1, Zoom Studio 1202, Behringer RX1602, Roland A880.
Clavia Nord Rack 2, Access Virus TI, Yamaha FB01, Roland JV880 (with Vintage board), Roland JV880 (with Orchestral board), Roland U110, Quasimidi Quasar, Emu E6400 Ultra, PC.
Desk: Spirit Absolute 4P active monitors, Behringer MX8000 mixing console, Novation SL49 mk2.

Korg ER1, Roland MC303, Korg Poly 800 II, Yamaha V50, Roland D50, Korg 01/W FD, Eminent 310 Unique.

Roland U20, Roland D70, Novation Supernova 2, Korg M1, Yamaha EX5, Eko Tiger Rhythm Box.

Roland JX-3P, Roland Juno 106, E-Pro Minisynth, Eko Tiger 3000, Memory Moog Plus, 2x Behringer RX1602.